The Stinking Rose

by Kev Hopper

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The Stinking Rose, the epic concept album from 1992, is a celebration of garlic in all its aspects, from creation to myth, to death cult and even beyond the grave. Magical music and mystical words, gathering up the rich harvest of garlic lore into a single sublime tapestry.


released January 1, 1993

Tara Newley: singing
Kev Hopper: Music & instruments/programming
Noel Rooney: lyrics

Recorded by Mark Pringle 1992



all rights reserved


Kev Hopper London, UK

Over the years I've been involved in three bands: Stump in the 80's, Ticklish in the late 90's and 2000's and Prescott since 2012.

In addition I have made about ten solo records; most of them available here.

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Track Name: Not of Roses / Call of the Clove
Burn all your bibles and banners
Turn the ashes in
Here's a crown of noxious pearls
Clothed in angel's skin

If a pilgrims road passes our abode
Then his ears resound to a secret sound

Are your wounds open and raw?
Embrace the camphor of the poor
Do you fear a hidden power?
Then wear a badge of badgers flower

Children of allium
Blessed with a subtle air
Wherever you are found
We will be gathered there

Here's an aroma grenade
Curled like Satin's fist
Here's the egg the great snake laid
The one that Hecate kissed

Be a friend of fear
There is magic here
You will learn it all
When you hear the call

We are the lily's kind
Ready to welcome you
If you've an open mind
Here's what you have to do

Are you slave to dark desires?
Then seek the salve that never tires
Dreams and demons to endure?
Embrace the camphor of the poor

We are one... We are one...
Track Name: Sulphur Symphony
Allium, possessor of the power, the power to save from death, come now, perfume my breath, come now this is your hour...

Another journey to your heart sweet allium mine
Where we plunder treasures sweeter than wine
Oh my breath is sour at the witching hour
It's an invocation to the lily of life

Press this darling to your nose
Swoon to the power of the stinking rose

Snow root command me open to you
And stay, perfume me all day, stay, work your miracle in me
I feel within my body
Your power breathe

Allium , sweet allium mine
Allium o' sulphur and wine
Allium, adorn my fingers
Allium, oh how it lingers

Sweet sulphur symphony
Ulysses heard your siren song and was saved
Allium , sweet allium mine
Allium o' sulphur and wine

Mystical essences, perfume of Eden
Stronger even than death
Allium , sweet allium mine
Allium o' sulphur and wine

Banquet of Hecate
Here at the crossroads singing under the moon
Allium , sweet allium mine
Allium o' sulphur and wine

Poison and purity
Deeper than hemlock growing from your own grave
Allium , sweet allium mine
Allium o' sulphur and wine

Thanks be to alinase
Liberty's enzyme, catalyst of your song
Allium , sweet allium mine
Allium o' sulphur and wine

Most fascinating herb
Enter me now, when you are mine, I am yours
Allium , sweet allium mine
Allium o' sulphur and wine

Destiny's come in every shape and size
some perfumes are too deep to synthesize...
Track Name: Sour Nectar
Let's open up a few bodies
And dig down to the root, down to the true disease